Soups-Zupa & Rye


cup $3 bowl $4

w/ground kielbasa

cup $4  bowl $5

Wontonski- kapusta w/ sliced kielbasa & poppers served with chow mein noodles

bowl $6

Zupa z Kartofli- old fashion potato soup

bowl $3

*Add Kielbasa or Mushrooms .50 each 

Bake Onion soup (seasonal)

Pattis Own Polska Style Sandwiches

(Made with Pattis Own Kielbasa)

*Choice of marble rye, light rye, sour dough, or sub roll

*All served w/ choice of beets or pickle and 2 pierogi popper fries $8

Kielbasa Link Sandwich -Plain & Simple        BBK- Buffalo Blue Cheese Kielbasa Sub

Kielbasa Loaf

Polish Whopper

Pattis Kielbasa Cheddar Melt  choice of link or loaf

Grilled Kielbasa Rueben

Black & Blue Kielbasa Loaf 

Kielbasa Meatball Sub

Polish Ham on Rye

Grilled Polish Ham & Cheese

Beef Burger w/ onions & gravy

Add-Ons: Sauted Onions, Kraut, Horseradish sauce, or

                   Beet Relish

*Add American, Swiss, or Melted Cheddar $1

Try the new  Bacon Wrapped half pound Kielbasa Sub.........$9.50