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Polish American Restaurant


Pattis Pierogis


Pierogi Popppers (Mini Pierogi)                                             

6 to a box...........$3.50

12 to a box.........$6.95

Pierogi Poppers Wrapped in Bacon

6....$5.95       12....$9.95

Placki (potato pancake)  $2.25 

               with kielbasa  $3

            with mushrooms  $3

            with apples  $3

            with onions  $3

* Ask server for sour cream, maple syrup, or apple sauce

Sweet and Sour Kielbasa $4.50

Kielbasa Cheese and Crackers  $6

Black and Blue Kielbasa.  $6

House Salad Mescaline Greens  sm $4   lg $6

Sliced Pickled Beets and onions  $2.95

Farmer in the Dell...pickled beets farmers cheese on greens tossed with walnuts  (our family tradition)  $7

Beet Salad served with crumbled farmers cheese served with Pattis Own Polish Salad Dressing $6

Polish Cobb Salad...beets,ham,farmers cheese,onions,and eggs on a bed of greens  $9

Fresh Cukes  resting in a homemade sourcream dill dressing  $4

Czerwona Kapusta red cabbage sweet & sour slaw) $4

Dill Pickle $2

House Dressings

Choice of  Pattis Own Polish Dressing,  Italian, French, Ranch, Blue Cheese